Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh Saúl!

Saúl E. Mendez, probably the oldest fashion house in Guate since 1958, really knows how to make a good advertising, the fashion house, the café or their latest brand "MZ", they have it all... hot models such as Diane Bathen and hot spots like the "Plaza de la Constitución" take part of it... recognized photographers like Juan Brenner and Manuel Rionda are the responsibles for capturing our atention in the guatemalan streets... just take a look:

thanks for the pics to Saúl E.Méndez on FB

Spread the luv!!...


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  3. im agreed, Saul E. Mendez brings to guatemala a new flavor of urban fashion desing, Saul gives us a unique style around the world Incorporating elements of the current fashion desing and the Guatemalan colors