Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tavo Bárcenas - "Oxígeno" new album release

(Sat.24th) One of the best concerts I've seen this year, Tavo Bárcenas released his new album "Oxígeno" with a big one, celebrating not only his new musical baby, but his life, since he suffered a motorcycle accident last year, I think he appreciates life more than ever and thank God... we will have this Rockstar for a loooong time spreading his music all over the world.
The warm up concert by Cósmica, showed us a very nice beat going on between electronic music and indie rock... really cool!. They are definitely a good reference if you want to hear some fresh music... you know... sometimes it's good to hear music away from the mainstream...
Here a video with Tavo's intro displaying an impressive set of lights and his very strong and unique voice.... enjoy

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Thanks to Danny for the tickets :)

Spread the Luv!...

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