Sunday, October 24, 2010

HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xposed O.D unpublished

I'm so going to shop some vintage clothes this week!!! I'm thinking about something 80's this time... Anyway, This post is all about news, good and bad.

The Good one:
Finally!!!! after 2 months of work Saúl E. Méndez's Blog is out!!! Here you'll find the coolest places in town, shops around the world, great music and the latest news about trends, fashion and the brand, not to mention words from Emilio Méndez, creative director of the fashion house!
It's really cool, its like a little window to the Mendez world!!

Santiago Niño, The Big Indigo Child
The bad one:
Sadly, The indie music project influenced by japanese culture "Indigo children" founded by the great dj, good friend and player, Santiago Niño, will be out for a while, I dunno the reasons but lets hope for the big come back, they were a really nice musical refresh to the mainstream... Here their last release, Its called Tsuridansa. Enjoy!

Tsurīdansā by Indigo Children Guatemala

And last for not least, talking about japanese culture... I'm looking for a japanese/korean/chinese girl with atittude and no shame for a project I'm working on.... If you are interested leave a message, write me an email or write on the blog's fan page. Pure fun, crazy and stupid ideas are guaranteed :)


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