Friday, May 27, 2011

Between Rookies & Pros

Well... last night (25/05) in my opinion, the guatemalan fashion scene took a step forward... for good of course, 12 young designers presented their very first collection in a big way taking as a stage for the show a national air force hangar... quiete nice to be honest!
The good part: cool place, nice people, fashionistas, lots of press media, cool playlist for the runway and specially, beautiful clothes from some designers like Crista Laylle, Stephanie Cruz & Mariana Rodriguez
The bad part: ugly clothes for men (except for the 3 above)... no styling at all and really bad shapes, about the models... I understand we dont have a models industry (yet) but... if you are going to launch your first collection loudly... try to find models to suit the quality of the event.
So... I'm done speaking my mind out... here some photos from Stephanie Cruz Collection.. .enjoy!


By the other hand, "The Work it Bitch" fashion expo took place in one of the coolest galleries in the downtown from Guatemala city, the NOA's gallery. Displaying the work from 10 stablished independent fashion designers from Guate.... What an amazing expo! Full of beautiful garmets, cool people and groovy music...
I'm really happy for all the designers from the "Memoirs fashion show" and the "Work it bitch" expo (luckly I can call them my friends) ... I think it was an update for the guatemalan fashion scene, the chance to presence the work from new and stablished talents in one night... doesnt happen all the time... in any city!.

From Guate with love...

Pichi V.

Morena/Luis Quintana

MORPHO /Mauricio Samayoa

Eduardo Figueroa Couture

La María /Liz Girón

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