Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let them eat Tate!

From Manchester: Kris Tate

Sometimes when I feel a little bit down... I think about my friends and feel proud of them. In this case, Kris Tate came to my mind, not just because of the party animals we are, but because of the hard work she has been doing in Manchester, reporting the coolest underground parties for the blog (click here), and her very well know and recognized work as an illustrator and designer, getting juicy contracts with Urban Outfitters,, MödernNaked from Spain and stores from Brazil  to sell her work.
A couple of months ago, I interviewd her (which was more like a Facebook chat) for (to read the note click here, its in spanish) and honestly, she is kicking some asses in the UK! Since she was featured in the very exclusive site Stylesight as a graphic trend for juniors... I'm so proud of my girl more than ever!

 Kris... come ASAP! We have some Supervixen parties to plan!

From Guate With Love...

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