Thursday, May 30, 2013

Escarlata + FGWL GIVEAWAY!

This necklace belongs to the STIGMA Collection FW 2012 by Escarlata. Jewelry designers who have worked with 
GUiSHEM by Guillermo Jop selling some of their designs in stores across USA, Dubai and Guatemala.

Inspired in all those historical figures who have been stigmatized across the human history, and now are subjects of admiration with an iconographic meaning, Escarlata created many statement pieces such as this "Cleopatra" necklace made of turqoise, violet and fucsia Agatha stones, cristals and Hematite stones.

You like it?

- Enter below at a chance to win this collectors statement piece


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3. Comment your thoughts in this post: Why would you like to own this piece of art in your neck? 
Make sure to leave you name and email, so, in case you're the happy winner I can contact you ;)


*Giveaway is open to the whole blogosphere (world).  You will be disqualified if you comment more than once or do not fill all the requirements of the giveaway.
The winner will be chosen randomly by True Random Number Generator and will have the chance to choose which version of the necklace suits her/him well.



Giveaway starts: May 31st 2013 at 12am (GTM Time)
Giveaway ends: June 5th 2013 at 8pm (GTM Time)


From Guate With Love...


  1. Because it'd be a perfect complement for one thousand different looks I can imagine on me :). (walter ramirez,

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  3. because any piece of art needs its master, to become a master piece. (Juan Fernando Herrera

  4. Because it would look fabulous on me...
    need any other reasons?


  5. It would look perfect with a lot of outfits.

  6. I want to win this because it's a piece of art, and it would complement my personality and style!

    Stephanie Moreno

  7. Just because,
    I'm so fucking in love with the first one. It will look amazing with a black shirt, my PamRou jacket and my Escarlata ring.
    I want it!

    Mynor V.

  8. Because, being someone who loves making jewelry and DIY, I can relate to all the work of making such beautiful pieces. Also, I love the second one, it would look amazing with a blue dress that I have. :D

    Ingrid Sofia Escobar de Subuyuj

  9. Because you don´t need anything else to look amazing if you got this gorgeous piece. ( I DIE for both!)

    Ana Gonzalez

  10. Es una obra de arte que me encantaría tener, está diseñada por artistas que admiro y respeto mucho. Además sería fabulosa para mi colección de piezas de diseñadores guatemaltecos ;)


  11. I almost never wear jewelry, but when I do, it's because it's something as special as this piece. It would make me feel like an armored princess.

    Andrea Rodas

  12. Por que me gustaria enaltecer la ecena de la moda en Guatemala y convertirla en una industria muy pronto, portando piezas de arte unicas como lo son Escarlata, pienso que es el complemento perfecto para mostrar que en Guatemala hay arte verdadero y artistas que valdria mucho la pena lanzar a la industria de la moda internacional.

    Sergio Brichaux

  13. Who in the fuckin world wouldnt drive crazy for an ESCARLATA necklace.

    Its a master art piece, and its Guatemalan!

    Javier Rosales

  14. “An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity”. TRUE! TRUE! TRUE!

    Do I deserve this piece of art? YES! Before I had the chance to try this necklace at the Escarlata’s studio and from that moment on, I knew that it should be on MY NECK. I know that I’m capable to bring “Cleopatra” back into this era and recreate a life fulfill with style.

    Kevin Román

    P.S I will be waiting to hear that I'm the winner ;-)

  15. Because I want to feel beautiful and sexy, And This, this is more than a necklace, even more than a piece of art, and besides being history, it is an outpouring of sensuality and glamor, that's make you feel the passion running in your blood, This revives the Cleopatra Within You. ;)

    Andrea Calderón

  16. Because these are excellent pieces of jewelry and represent a great initiative of original design, with an identity and originality well captured, that promises success for this brand. Also is good to mention that is Guatemalan brand and there's nothing better than wear, with proud, things from your own country!

    Pepe Valenzuela

  17. I would like to win because Escarlata's jewelry are pieces of art ♥! All their jewelry its amazing .. I would love to have any of those beautiful necklaces because it would be the perfect compliment for my wardrobe :)

    Sully Méndez

  18. Qué hermoso! No sé, no puedo dejar de imaginarme una foto topless con este collar .. con los labios rojos ... y un fotógrafo guapísimo que... bueno, no sigo. Solo digo que sería toda una fantasía.

    Bueno ya, siendo seria, me encanta. Toda una obra de arte.


  19. Since science has managed itself to create a wide range of theories about time-space and reality, the universe seems to be such an strange soup of infinite probabilities where phisical existance is only possible through seeing, art is the tool for capturing that precise moment in time too see. I see it in this necklace, i want it to see me.

    Jacobo Castañeda

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  21. Art can be another way to express yourself, and art is everything that makes you happy, a joke, a poem, a paint, or this NECKLACE. i'm the kind of people who love art so... why can't i be surrounded by art? love the necklace!!! is a piece of life of another people, so if i win (siiiiiii), definitly i will make them proud!!!

    B'alam García

  22. In fact I'm a really huge fan of their art, they are indeed very inspiring. I already own one of scarlata 's necklace and would like to have another one because I love what they do. I am a tribal fusion belly dancer, and this necklace adds up the perfect touch with it's elegance and mysticism.

    Rita Menéndez Gabriel

  23. I want to win it so bad! because I truly believe that there is a special link for me in one of them! :) :) :)

    Victor Aguilar-Chang

  24. Because my neck has been waiting for it for so long, plus it would be the perfect piece to flaunt on stage at the Lux Teather on the 27th when I'm presenting the Pechakucha Night Vol: 3.

    Andrea Taracena

  25. Hey people :) The contest is now closed

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  27. que por que me gustaria ganar una de sus collares ? me encantaria llevar algo tan unico y diferente y por supuesto por que me gustan sus diseños