Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leke Pableke, The Aerofustan man

I still remember that drunk crazy funny night at The box lounge when I met Pableke a.k.a Leke García... Dj, designer and upcoming artist. He recently moved to Sao Paulo,Brasil, sharing his art with a new public (hungry for new talents) with a very particular sense of fashion, music and, of course, art which I would describe as... kitschpopart ¿?... even though, I'm not quite sure to classify his work in a specific category, neither I'm an art expert... but he is certainly, an unpredictable human being...
please Leke... Just surprise us!!!

To hear some of his "cumbia asesina" go to you are gonna love it...
Spread the Luv!...

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  1. Sin duda de los mejores artistas de Guate!!! buen blog!!!