Sunday, November 15, 2009

Box Brotherhood

The Box lounge is one of my favorites places to hang out in the city & one of the hottest to see the trendiest people and best electronic music with live dj's. Do you remember artist/dj/designer Leke GarcĂ­a?! (if you don´t, click here ) He is the responsible for every deco in the place.. and of course... We love them. Check his latest mural for the place (guess where I am :P )

Here some old photos from other past decos:

Spread the Luv!...


  1. very cool...although I must say most of that art is from other artists...shame shame.... like the girl behind the dj is Emily...and the first collage b/w is a composition of several graffities around the world and illustrators... he shouldn't sign that stuff as his...shame..

  2. i know some of the illustrations he uses to make his collages belong to some other artist, as the one of Emily, probably he uses this art and just give it a twist, like many artist does with Davinci's "Monalisa"... anyway. it looks nice.