Sunday, October 10, 2010


I T ' S A B L O G P A R T Y ! ! !

We are celebrating 1 year of documenting the fashion party monster scene from Guatemala city, soooo....Next Oct 15 we're having a party to celebrate and get a F!"#$ photo crazy overdose. A night full of iconic people, models, djs and artist from G town gathered at the legendary & mecca of electronic music/ the blog playground: The Box Lounge
Come, celebrate and lets get a groovy pic! ;)

Thanks for your support, comments and visits! Without you this would not be possible!


Celebrando 1 año de FGWL en nada mas y nada menos que la legendaria catedral de la música electrónica de Guate / playground del blog!.
Una noche llena de dj's, modelos, artistas y la gente mas fashion de Gt reunidos simplemente con el pretexto de tener fieeeeshta y el funky deep house del baby face criminal, JR el Gonzo!

The Box Lounge
Viernes 15 Oct

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  1. who in their mind thinks to be able to pass out this party!!! We'll be there